What to check at home before leaving on a trip

 Will you soon have to go on holiday and are you wondering what things you absolutely need to check and put in place to go away worry-free? Leaving certainly requires a series of things to do and check to avoid returning home and finding everything in disarray. But what are these precautions to keep in mind, then? Here are the most important ones below.

1. Clean and unplug appliances

One of the first things to do is clean all the appliances and then unplug them and possibly also the electricity. For example, before leaving, wash your washing machine, open the door and unplug it. The same goes for the dishwasher and all the other objects you use. As for the refrigerator and freezer, empty it, wash it and defrost it, so that the remaining food does not go bad.
Also unplug the radio, television and computer.

2. Turn off gas and water pipe

Another thing to do is to strictly close the gas and its valve. In fact, there are many risks involved, first and foremost a gas leak which could even cause a fire. In addition, also close the water pipe to avoid leaks even simply from a sink or sink.

3. Check the alarm system

Nowadays, everyone should have an alarm system in order to maintain the safety of their belongings and home. Well, before closing the door behind you, check carefully whether the system is working correctly, so as to leave with more peace of mind. And if you don't have it, think about installing it.

4. Give the keys to a trusted person

Lastly, we advise you to give the keys to your house to a person you trust , even just to go and water the plants you purchased from an online florist . His task will be to guard them in such a way that they are not lost under the carpet or worse behind the plant you have near the entrance door.