How the Ceramic Industry does business with General Contractors

 For many years, the ceramic manufacturing industry has always used independent retailers to sell its products. As time passed, artisans decided to seize the opportunities that economic and technological development offered. In fact, they have decided to create collaboration contracts with general contractor fit-out companies , especially as regards the production of tiles and therefore obtaining greater revenues.


How was this possible?


Manufacturing in the Italian ceramic sector has always stood out for its high quality and above all its degree of innovation . Production costs themselves can compromise competitiveness outside European borders. The reason is clear: the continuous price war that large multinationals support and the use of materials that have lower costs and quality.

The right synergy between progress and craftsmanship has allowed the Italian ceramic sector to maintain that level of customization that no other material can allow and it is this peculiarity that has allowed these companies to tiptoe into the General Contractor sector.

Thanks to technological progress, therefore, which has allowed the development of increasingly high-performance and aesthetically beautiful products (such as porcelain stoneware ), more and more General Contractor companies have used Made in Italy ceramics, also acting as promoters for the producers of these products.


In which areas can ceramics be more successful?


The Contract business seems to be growing exponentially in recent times, above all thanks to economic growth and the consequent urbanization of emerging countries .

The latter have a strong need to catch up with modernized countries to avoid falling behind.

They need to build homes and large infrastructures , hotel facilities and those related to the hospitality sector . Hospitality in particular has seen a great growth in demand for ceramic products. Are you wondering why? It's very simple: until a few years ago, most of the decorative elements inside luxury hotel facilities were marble . The problem was related to costs, transport and above all, installation. Thanks to an improvement in the performance of ceramics, entrepreneurs have decided to opt for products made with this material.

Also because, within a green economy , ceramics can generate benefits in terms of energy savings.