How to open a new company if you have no money

 For those who want to open a new business but don't have enough budget available, it can be really difficult to set up a successful company. This is because nowadays it is extremely necessary to have a small sum to use for the first expenses and above all for the implementation of the entire company.

However, if your budget is not that profitable, don't despair. Here are some basic tips for opening your new business anyway.

1. Look for subsidized finance funds or tenders

Often the Region or the State itself makes tenders for subsidized finance available to the entrepreneur in Lecce or any other city in Italy. These are tenders in which a series of tools and funds are made available to companies to help them create new projects with more advantageous market conditions. The tenders, as mentioned, are both local and national and above all have a certain periodic frequency. Simply inform yourself in depth.

2. Fold over with the net

If, for example, you want to open a shop, a better choice would be to do it online . In what sense? Simply by opening a personal e-commerce. In fact, there are many entrepreneurs who decide to invest in digital to contain all their expenses. This is because the cost of the outlet, the sales staff and everything that goes around the physical store is eliminated. Obviously, e-commerce also requires expenses regarding the web space and also requires compliance with some bureaucratic procedures. However, we are still talking about ephemeral things, which have nothing to do with a traditional, physical store.

3. Advertise

Through strong and lively advertising , it is possible to accumulate a series of money practically immediately after having already opened your own shop. This is because it allows you to cover your expenses without losing any cents. Obviously we are talking about both traditional and digital advertising. In this case, we advise you to work mostly on the second one as it is decidedly cheaper but at the same time more incisive and impactful in terms of numbers and visibility.