Strategic positioning, find out how to achieve it

 Strategic positioning indicates the space your brand has in the consumer's mind, therefore various factors come into play such as brand reputation, the company's way of communicating, etc.

Position yourself on Google

Positioning on Google is essential to make yourself known, attract users and increase the percentage of potential customers. It is important for all types of business, but it is essential to be able to place yourself on the first pages of search engines, otherwise the site will not be visited much and actual customers will be few as well as potential ones.

At this point SEO comes into play or search engine optimization, a very inflated term nowadays, but precisely what is SEO? What is SEO optimization for? This is a discussion that deserves a specific study, which cannot be explained in a few lines, but let's try to give you an idea.

In fact, it is the set of strategies that are implemented to improve the positioning of a particular site on a search engine, the most popular of all being Google.

SEO optimization serves to increase organic and qualified traffic to a particular website.

SEO techniques 

There are various techniques used by SEO to position the website in order to increase its organic traffic.

Among these there are outgoing links which can be useful as long as they lead to a website considered useful and reliable. If this is not the case, your site could be penalized in its positioning.

The outgoing links are intended to provide more information to the customer regarding the topic we deal with, therefore they must be links that are consistent with what we deal with.

If your site is linked from another it can be considered credible and useful by Google and would help with SEO, the more sites you link to, the more well you will be considered by Google.

Among the SEO techniques there is also the choice of certain keywords, it is not recommended to opt for very generic ones as they will also be the most used and with unbridled competition, in this context it becomes very difficult to position yourself.

It is therefore more suitable to opt for more specific keywords for which there is much less competition and which make it possible to position yourself.

Among the SEO strategies there is the optimized title tag, which must contain keywords and must be short enough.

Even the correct writing of the Meta description should not be underestimated; it must be in line with the content, understandable and clear.

Optimizing the contents of a site is essential for positioning, you will therefore have to write interesting texts, not put too heavy images that would slow down navigation and use keywords.

What value does strategic positioning have?

Strategic positioning is fundamental for a brand as the way it will be perceived in the minds of users is related to it.

However, we need to understand how to implement it, it is also about the sensations that must be activated in the user when faced with the brand every time he hears it mentioned and above all when he has to decide whether to buy from it or not.

SWOT analysis

One way to understand how to work on the strategic positioning of a brand is the SWOT analysis which allows you to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

It is thus possible to have a very clear picture of the situation and to understand how to obtain strategic positioning in the best possible way.

It will therefore be necessary to build a communication strategy that can reach the target customers you want to address.

The image that you want to be perceived of the company must be real and not altered; it must clearly reflect the company and the values ​​related to it.

Pretending to be someone you are not and providing an altered image will not give any benefit to strategic positioning and will actually make it ineffective.

The importance of knowing your target audience

Before deciding on any possible strategy it is essential to know the target audience you are addressing, the needs vary based on the type of target.

It is important to take into account what customers need, trying to make them buy something they don't actually need can be counterproductive, instead of investing energy in convincing customers that what we are going to offer them is essential for them, we must invest energy in satisfying their real needs.

We don't need to focus on positioning ourselves effectively in the minds of each user but only those who are our target audience. If we are targeting teenagers we shouldn't be interested in what the over 50s may think of us.