Original, compatible and remanufactured cartridges: what changes

 Inkjet (or inkjet ) printers work thanks to the presence of four cartridges inside for the colors black, cyan, yellow and magenta, i.e. the four primary colors that allow the entire chromatic spectrum to be obtained. When one or more tanks runs out, the component must be replaced. At this point, there are three useful alternatives: the original cartridges, the compatible ones and the remanufactured ones .

Signed cartridges

Branded cartridges are those produced by the same company as the printer. They are developed specifically for the individual models, they ensure optimal functioning but are also particularly expensive: replacing all four cartridges can require a cost greater than even that of the printer.

Compatible cartridges

Compatible cartridges represent the most popular alternative on the market. They are developed by companies that have no connection with the hardware manufacturers and usually integrate well with the operation of multiple devices of the same brand. The main advantage of these technologies lies in the significant reduction in costs, while still guaranteeing good performance, barring technical inconveniences such as failure to recognize them by the printer. Despite popular belief, compatible cartridges do not pose a threat to the proper functioning of the device in any way.

Remanufactured cartridges

Remanufactured cartridges are considered the resource of the future, as well as the present. These are old spent cartridges which, following a recovery process, are reintroduced onto the market. They offer performance almost identical to the originals, at a decidedly lower market price. Regenerated ones are the optimal solution because they represent the eco-sustainable alternative. The cartridges are made up of metal and plastic circuits which make them difficult to dispose of and have a strong environmental impact. The regenerated ones also allow us to limit the pollution issue, configuring ourselves as the perfect solution to combine the technical, economic and ecological aspects.