Various types of marketing agencies

 Advertising agencies are divided into two broad categories: full-service advertising agencies and specialty agencies. Full-service advertising agencies, also called integrated, offer a full range of ad-related services across all media and markets. 

marketing agency in Milan can use multiple tactics, such as advertising, email and social media, in an integrated marketing initiative.

Agencies can have different specializations:

Brand name . These companies broaden your marketing scope beyond your products or services. They are focused on your company, particularly on creating, cultivating and maintaining a strong public image.

Direct marketing . These agencies focus on “direct response” media, communications tactics that allow consumers to respond directly to you. This may include mailings such as handwritten letters or postcards, emails that are intended to direct consumers to your website, and/or telephone marketing in which callers trained by the same company telephone a predetermined group of potential customers .

Digital marketing/new media . These companies develop advertising campaigns designed primarily for the Internet and other digital media. Their tactics can include various banner ads, viral campaigns and email marketing, as well as campaigns in other media such as mobile advertising and video.

Social . A major subset of digital marketing agencies focus on using blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and other social media to communicate directly with customers. These agencies regularly monitor social networks, as establishing and maintaining online relationships with potential clients is a priority for them.

Buyer activation/buyer marketing . These agencies offer promotional and marketing strategies and services to engage shoppers. They typically use multiple in-store media and technologies to create programs across the entire “path to purchase.”

Public relations . These companies focus on helping the public truly understand your company, better explain its purpose, and market its products and services. Creating a strong image of your company in the outside world is the most important goal for them. Their advertising tactics may include press releases, public and private events, media talk shows, articles and columns in industry publications.


Start by defining the goals of your business and be sure to rely on an advertising agency that is capable of achieving them.

When searching for the right partner, consider that hiring an advertising agency may not even be the best choice. 

Always keep in mind that advertising agencies may continually evolve and change in the coming years, so make sure you find one that understands that change is inevitable and is therefore prepared for the eventuality.